Our Services



In conjunction with administration, management, and staff; Innovative Library Interiors will develop a needs assessment; which includes furnishings/equipment requirements, a budget, a floor plan, and timeline for your project. 

Space Planning


 Innovated Library Interiors' CAD services allows for the development of a functional and accessible library.  Working directly with the client, keeping in mind current library trends and ADA guidelines; ILI is able to develop the optimal floor plan for each library 

Interior Design Solutions


Product and equipment selection in conjunction with finish and fabric selection is essential to the overall atmosphere of the space.  An overall coordinated product and finish selection ties the whole library interior together and elevates every aspect of the interior. 

Product Selection/Specifications


 Using the needs assessment and final floor plan; ILI will assist in the selection of furnishings and compile a full product specification based on the established budget. 

Project Management


 Innovative Library Interiors is committed to an on time, in budget, completed project.  Finalizing and placing "on time" purchase orders, managing manufacture's production/shipping schedules, and coordination deliveries with installation; ILI will consistently manage your project to ensures it completes on time and in budget.  



 Innovative Library Interiors experienced installation crew will be on site to receive and inspect all deliveries for freight damage and correctness. Their years of experience and dedication ensures a high quality completed installation that is quickly, efficiently, and precisely preformed.