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 With more than sixty years of experience, Worden is a singular library furniture manufacture that offers, beautifully designed, functional, innovative, furniture.  Worden's vigilance in industry trends, design, new technology, and materials usage means that Worden's products are some of the finest in the industry.   



Biblomodel is a premier manufacturer of library shelving that is designed to store, display and merchandise a wide variety of printed and digital media.  Based on the timeless Scandinavian design tradition, with beautiful clean lines; their product is exceptionally stable, simple in use, and flexible in application. Biblomodel's offering has been embraced by the library community and installed worldwide.


TMC Furniture for adults brings sophistication and exceptional craftsmanship to a number of different markets. Carefully designed and manufactured items are a trademark of TMC’s iconic style.  

Creative Quality Children's Furniture

 TMC Kids offers playful and whimsical furnishings for smaller users. Bright colors and a comprehensive cut-out portfolio are key elements to our children’s well-designed line. 


   With over thirty years of experience, NFK International has produced product for over one hundred and fifty countries around the world. NFK produces furniture that offers solutions personalized to your needs.   Specializing in furnishing for; hotels, offices, hospitality industry, and large chain distributors.    


The PLAY table features a self-contained game program.  The table has a small footprint; no moving parts, no advanced tech knowledge required, and game design that encourages group play in a collaborative fashion.  


  TMCkids’ LearnPLAY product line is devoted to children and early learning. These products are born out of the inherent interest and passion we have in children and promoting a strong foundation for life-long learning. Our products and spaces are designed to promote creativity, discussion, play, curiosity and inspiration that truly make learning a joy.  


  Ode Creative offers a stylish approach to interior wall and ceiling panels. Using the distinct and traditional appearance of wood, along with beautiful designs, panels are installed to highlight striking and memorable interiors.  


   Estey Cantilever Library Shelving is designed to be functional, versatile, and aesthetically beautiful. Our components are fully interchangeable allowing you to expand or reconfigure as your needs change.   Estey Cantilever Library Shelving System accommodates your needs with proven durability, practicality, and flexibility that offer years of quality performance. 


  The SNAP!office name has always been synonymous with quality, speed, and value. They design and ship customized solutions faster to make your space more functional and your life easier. Choose from our full line of desks, conference tables, reception areas, office systems, seating, storage, and accessories like marker and tack boards—all customized with name-brand fabrics and finishes selected by you. 


The Supple Collection is furniture designed with a purpose. Each of our products are made from sustainable materials and are eco-friendly. The pieces are designed to allow learners to grow and create alongside one another while remaining productive, active, and engaged throughout the day.


 Media Technologies is the culmination of years of library space experience and expertise. We offer you this unique approach to help create a space that will be beautiful, functional, flexible, adaptable and relevant for decades to come. 

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